We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone.

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What is RealNeeds

RealNeeds is a place where Non profits, orphanages, special needs children, can post their needs & tell the outside world, what they want.

It can be anything from books, stationery, toys, to clothes, furniture, and other provisions.

General public seeing this, can donate these items.

Donation can be in person or pickup can be scheduled by co-ordinating by phone.

The public can also donate their unused household items, through this site,which is then circulated to all Non profits registered within 10 kms, of their locality. The NGO will contact you by phone, upon seeing this, and schedule pickup or delivery. If more than one NGO reaches out for same item, it is upto the donor to decide whom to give.

This site does not deal with Cash donation. Only gifts and items can be donated.

Real Needs Team.

We are very Thankful